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Fictionist - Blue-eyed Universe (by fictionist3)

So, I go to college in Rexburg, Idaho, at the Brigham Young University campus there, and normally don’t have much of anything to do because it is such a small town. However, this place called Sammy’s decided to shake things up and hold a Block party “downtown” (more like downvillage) and I got to see two bands out of Provo, Utah. The Moth and the flame (mouth of the flame?) and Fictionist. I thought that Moth and the Flame was pretty cool, but Fictionist was very well rehearsed, talented, and fun to listen to. They didn’t play this song while I was there, but they did play a fantastic cover of The Who’s Baba O’riley that made me really enjoy the performance. I would say this song is sort of like a mix between Franz Ferdinand mixed with Coldplay. It’s pretty chill fun music, and this video adds a lot to the experience in a really fun way. Inventive and creative.

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